Our tried and true development process uses the following steps to help us get to know our customer better. Based on that personalization, we can deliver the best product. The process we use is as follows:

  1. We start with a conversation to get to know our potential customers and to find out if our services are a good fit.
  2. This helps establish an up-front understanding about the purpose of the conversation, our customer’s potential timing for the project and the desired end result(s).
  3. We go over the reason for deciding to address issues at hand that need to be resolved.
  4. A basic budget is discussed so that there are clear parameters of what it will take to achieve the vision.
  5. Next, a decision is made by the customer whether they want to move forward and what steps to take to continue the process.
  6. An encompassing review is established so that our understanding of their needs and goals are clear to create an action plan. This results in a desirable finished product when completed.

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